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Shark Nation is not just another branded merchandise company that you can buy products from. We have over 15 years of experience as a leading and innovative branded merchandising company.

The Team at Shark Nation is focused on establishing trust, confidence and long term relationships through service and performance. We strive to understand your brand and your target market to help you find products and program solutions. Our goal is to create added value and increase strength, awareness and consistency
of your brand.

Our success can be associated with our commitment to our customers to continue to push for competitive and comprehensive solutions, offering sound advice and our ability to deliver results.

Mike Hodge

CEO and Founder

mike hodge

Mike grew up in Fairbanks, Alaska alongside his three brothers where he quickly learned that leading was one of his biggest strengths. Mike began and founded Shark Nation in 1999 and through hard work and integrity; he has persevered to become the top minority business owner in the State. Mike is a true entrepreneur who is always researching ways to improve himself and his business. His ability to pitch and close while making his customers laugh truly makes Mike one of a kind. He is always able to see the perspective of Shark Nation on the larger scheme of things which is one of many reasons why he has become so successful. In his downtime, Mike enjoys spending time with his daughter.

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